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In the ancient times, when there was no school system, the tradition was that the disciple (shishya) would spend the entire duration of his education at the abode of the master (guru). This abode of the guru was referred to as Gurukul and the shishya did not leave the Gurukul until the guru felt that the shishya was educated enough in the discipline that he was being taught. The Guru was at the centre of everything at the Gurukuls. Not only was he the mentor, but he was the Supreme Being, whose status was as revered as that of the Almighty. He took complete responsibility of the Shishya, while the Shishya fully devoted himself in the service of the Guru, imbibing whatever knowledge he could, from him. The relationship between the Guru and the Shishya was completely spiritual without being professional. The disciplines covered were mostly spiritual and religious, but there were also Gurukuls for martial arts, architecture, fine arts and music. Music is bound by four parameters. The first is Shastra or science, which tells what to do and what not to do. The second is Tantra or technique which tells us how to do it. The third is Vidya or education or matter, which tells us about the various Gharanas, their compositions etc. The fourth is Kalaa or aesthetics. The Shastra is explained, the Tantra is taught, Vidya is imparted and Kalaa is developed through Sanskaras. This is the oral tradition or the guru-shishya parampara. Knowledge cannot be imparted without experience, experience cannot be gained without practice or saadhana, practice cannot be achieved without sanskar and sanskar are imparted by the guru only. Sanskaras can be gained by being attached to the guru and listening and absorbing from him carefully. The entire history of Indian classical music is replete with world renowned artistes who have been nurtured through the time-tested Gurukul system of India. Thus, in spite of the many Vidyalayas (schools or academies) of music throughout the country mass producing students, the significance of the Gurukul system cannot be undermined.